Government of Latvia

Government of Latvia

Government of Latvia

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Government of Latvia (Latvija) - Capital : Riga - Official language: Latvian
Latvijas Valsts Prezidenta Kanceleja - State Chancellery of the President of Latvia
Saeima - Parliament
Ministru Kabinets - Cabinet of Ministers
Zemkopibas Ministrija - Ministry of Agriculture
Kultûras Ministrija - Ministry of Culture
Aizsardzibas Ministrija - Ministry of Defence
Ekonomikas Ministrija - Ministry of Economy
Centrala Statistikas Parvalde - Central Statistical Bureau
Latvijas Nacionalais Akreditacijas Birojs (LATAK) - Latvian National Accreditation Office
Latvijas Nacionalais Metrolooijas Centrs - Latvian National Metrology Centre
Latvijas Attistibas Agentura (LAA) - Latvian Development Agency
Latvijas Privatizacijas Agentura (LPA) - Latvian Privatization Agency
Sabiedrisko Pakalpojumu Regulesanas Komisija (SPRK) - Public Utilities Regulation Commission
Centrala Dzîvojamo Maju Privatizacijas Komisija (CDzMPK) - Housing Privatization Central Commission
Izglitibas un Zinatnes Ministrija - Ministry of Education and Science
Latvijas Sporta Parvalde - Latvian Sports Department
Vides Aizsardzibas un Regionalas Attistibas Ministrija - Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development
Latvijas Hidrometeorologijas Parvalde (HMP) - Latvian Hydrometeorological Agency
Valsts Geologijas Dienests (VGD) - Latvian Geological Service
Latvian Tourist Board
Finansu Ministrija - Ministry of Finance
Valsts Ienemumu Dienests - State Revenue Service
Valsts Kase - State Treasury
Apdrosinasanas Uzraudzibas Inspekcija (AUI) - Insurance Supervision Inspectorate
Vertspapiru Tirgus Komisija (VTK) - Securities Market Commission
Ârlietu Ministrija - Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Iekslietu Ministrija - Ministry of Interior Affairs
Policijas Departaments (PD) - Police Department
Ugunsdzcsîbas un Glabsanas Dienesta Departaments (UGDD) - Firefighting and Rescue Service Department
Pilsonibas un Imigracijas Departaments (PID) - Citizenship and Immigration Department
Ceïu Satiksmes Drosîbas Direkcija - Road Traffic Safety Directorate
Tieslietu Ministrija - Ministry of Justice
Naturalizacijas Parvalde - Naturalization Board
Labklajibas Ministrija - Ministry of Welfare
Zaiu Cenu Agentura
Valsts Farmacijas Inspekcija (VFI)
Satiksmes Ministrija - Ministry of Transport
Valsts Informacijas Tikla Agentura (VITA)
Valsts Elektrosakaru Inspekcija - State Telecommunication Inspectorate
Eiropas Integracijas Birojs (EIB) - European Integration Bureau
Uzòçmumu Reìistrs (UR) - Registry of Enterprises
Latvijas Banka - Bank of Latvia
Valsts Kontrole - State Control
Jekabpils Region Council
Municipal Institutions
Jurmala City Council
Embassies and Consulates
Consulate of Latvia in Vitebsk, Belarus
Embassy of Latvia in Ottawa, Canada
Embassy of Latvia in Prague, Czech Republic
Embassy of Latvia in Berlin, Germany
Embassy of Latvia in Vilnius, Lithuania
Embassy of Latvia in Oslo, Norway
Embassy of Latvia in Stockholm, Sweden
Embassy of Latvia in Washington, United States of America
Political Parties
Tautas Partija (TP) - People's Party
Savienîba Latvijas cels (LC) - Alliance Latvia's Way
Apvieniba Tevzemei un Brivibai / LNNK
Latvijas Socialdemokratiska Stradnieku Partija (LSDSP) - Latvian Socialdemocratic Labour Party
Latvijas Zemnieku Savienîba (LZS) - Latvian Farmers Union
Other Institutions
Union of Local and Regional Government of Latvia
President - Andris Berzins (2017 *)
Prime Minister - Laimdota Straujuma (2017 *)
Andris Berzinš, President of the Republic of Latvia (2012)
Valdis Dombrovskis, Prime Minister of the Republic of Latvia (2012)
Edgars Rinkevics, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia (2012)
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